Stuart Herman, Racquetball Instructor

Stuart took up racquetball in the mid 1970s, and after moving to Miami, began teaching beginner and intermediate players in South Miami. Stuart then moved to Richmond in 1993, and has played continuously for the last 20 years. Stuart welcomes every opportunity to help others learn the fast-paced game of racquetball.


 In this fast-paced game, the ball moves quick, but the calorie burn is even quicker. And at Courtside West, you’ll find our LED-lit racquetball courts provide players with the ultimate space for an action-packed, full body workout.


League Play

We offer daytime and evening leagues for A and B level players. League play runs for 9 weeks at a time, and prizes are given to first place finishes.

Contract Time

Purchase a guaranteed contract for the same time and day each week, for an entire season. 15 week (Spring) / 30 week (Winter)


Our courts can easily be converted for Wallyball–the game that combines elements of both racquetball and volleyball.

Need a partner?

Challenge Court Saturdays are hosted from 8:30 to 10:30am for A & B level players looking to jump into singles, doubles, or cutthroat matches.