Multi-season membership faqs


how does it work?

The Multi-Season Membership Option provides members with varying monthly dues throughout the year. From September through April, which we call “Indoor Peak” Season, the monthly dues are higher. Then from May through August, our “Indoor Cool” Season, monthly dues are lowered. Which means members keep more money in their pocket throughout the Summer, while still enjoying the option to play at Courtside West and skipping the heat, the rain, and the bugs.

Do I pay More Than a regular membership?

Absolutely not. In fact, the cost of a Multi-Season Membership over the course of a full year, is the exact same price as our regular, non-varying membership rates.

Can i still play tennis during the cheaper months?

You bet! In fact, members on the Multi-Season Membership enjoy all the same benefits throughout the year. (e.g. the ability to book courts up to 48 hrs in advance, the ability to play in Leagues, take any fitness class, etc.) The only thing that changes, is the amount of money you save during the Spring and Summer.

Can I upgrade my current membership to the multi-season option?

Of course. Every September, we will offer new sign-ups for the Multi-Season Membership.

How difficult is it for me to get a court during Indoor peak season?

Last year, we heard how tough it was for members to book courts. Which is why this year, we tweaked several programs in order to provide over 60 weekly Prime Court Times for members. That is, in addition to all of our daily Leagues, Contract Times, and Non-Prime Courts.

How do i learn more?

For more information on pricing and how to sign up, please email